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This mod force member to introduce himself into a specific forum before beeing able to post everywhere into the forum.

Permission to let administrator manage the Introduciator MOD or not.
Possibility to configure user permission from forum's permission or with the MOD configuration (must choose one or other).
Activate / Deactivate this MOD with only one option.
Select forum where the users must introduce himself.
Add introduce approval options.
Select redirection page if the user try to post somewhere else.
Configure redirection page.
Add permission to disable this feature for some accounts (administators and / or moderator for example).
Add button (near MP) into the topic to go directly to member presentation's topic.
Add link into the profile to go directly to member presentation topic.
Forbid the user (or admin but it is configurable) to delete the first post of a presentation.
Forbid the user to create more than once topic into the presentation's forum.
Remove quick reply button when the user is not yet introduce.
Possibility to add this mod into a forum which already have lot of messages, it will force all users to introduce themselves before continuing to post messages.
Includes the English and French languages.
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Last updated Mon May 25, 2015 8:19 pm
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